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The Accelerated Reader program is a computerized reading program designed to motivate, manage and assess literature-based reading. The objective of the program is to improve reading comprehension and develop a lifelong love of reading

HOW DOES IT WORK? Easy as 1-2-3!
  1. Students select and read a book at their reading level. STAR assessment software accurately places students in books at the appropriate reading level so they are challenged, but not frustrated.
  2. Students take a quiz. Kids love to take quizzes on the computer! Each 5-20 question multiple-choice quiz is carefully designed to assess the student's comprehension of the book. The computer immediately scores the quiz and awards points based on the books length, difficulty level and number of correct answers.
  3. Teachers, parents and students get reports. There are over 20 detailed reports that give individualized, constructive feedback that enables teachers to target instruction appropriately.

WHAT ARE THE RESULTS? 50,000 schools across the country have implemented the Accelerated Reader Program.

The results are:
Improved test scores-A major study of 2500 schools shows that Accelerated Reader Program improves not only reading scores, but math, science, social studies and writing scores as well.

Motivates children to read-Establishes a clear system of goals. Students are recognized for improving the quality and difficulty level of their reading.

Differentiates the curriculum-Students are assessed and placed at an individualized reading level where they are challenged but not frustrated. The lower the student's reading ability when they start the program, the greater the improvement. This improvement carries over into other subjects as well. AR continuously adjusts reading levels to ensure maximum growth for every student.

Our Lady of Guadalupe School has incorporated the AC Reading program in grades Kinder-8.