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Reading & Language Arts

Our Lady of Guadalupe School offers a full-day kindergarten; our students often exceed state standards. Students build strong foundations in reading and writing and begin learning simple sentence structure through the use of journals, short stories and poems. Learning centers provide both open and structured activities to help build creativity and individual learning skills.

  • We offer an excellent phonics-based reading program. Ongoing assessments ensure that the students are continually improving their reading fluency and comprehension. Children listen, read and respond to well-known stories distinguishing between fantasy and reality. Children will also identify characters, settings, and important events.

  • Students will write words and brief sentences about experiences, stories, people, objects and events. They will spell independently by using pre-phonetic knowledge, sounds of the alphabet, and knowledge of letter names.

  • To enhance listening and speaking skills, students will be taught to understand and follow one- and two-step directions, share ideas and information in clear, complete, coherent sentences, describe people, places, things (e.g., size, color, shape), and recite short poems, rhymes, and songs


  • Student’s work at his or her own rate of comprehension and math groups is fluid.

  • Our mathematics instruction stresses the fundamentals of number sense and gives students opportunities to use this knowledge to solve real world problems.

  • Students experience hands-on learning through the use of manipulative.

  • Math concepts include: classification, sorting, measurement, addition and subtraction, identifications, describing and extending simple patterns, and problem solving.


  • Scientific concepts are taught through the use of state-adopted textbooks and discovery in our science laboratory.

  • Students use the scientific method of discovery to conduct hands-on experiments and report data.

  • Physical Science - students observe, measure, and compare objects and materials.

  • Life Science - students observe and describe plants and animals

  • Earth Science - students discuss the different landforms and weather of the earth, which also provides a rich opportunity for listening comprehension

  • Investigation & Experimentation - using the five senses to observe and describe objects, students develop their own meaningful questions and use mathematics to communicate some of their observations.
Social Studies
  • We use a variety of supplemental materials to enhance learning and bring the students to a better understanding of the world around them.

  • Students recognize national and state symbols.

  • Students match simple descriptions of the work that people do and the names of the related jobs, at school and in their local community.

  • Students understand that being a good citizen involves acting in certain way.